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Albaicin Granada

The Albaicin Granada, is a unique Moorish Old Town, formerly the capital of the Moorish Kingdom and home to the famous royal palace, the Alhambra. A city dating back to 45 BC, was notably rebuilt 1000 years ago by the Moors.

Built on a steep hill, the architecture of the houses, coupled with the cobbled squares and pedestrian streets gives the Albaicin a timeless feel. The Albaicin is protected by Unesco World Heritage, Spanish Heritage and Andalusia Heritage and full of many listed buildings. Once the Catholic Spanish conquered Granada in 1492, they built a new city at the foot of the Albaicin on flatter ground surrounding their new cathedral and the ancient Albaicin fell into decline. With the help of the Heritage Institutions empowered to care for the Albaicin, it was soon restored to it's former glory attracting visitors from all over the world basking in it's timeless beauty and it's calm pedestrian life style. 


Visited by over 2 and half million tourists a year and impassioned by it glorious architecture, LTP set about purchasing uninhabitable buildings and carefully restoring them to their former wonder, whilst catering for needs of today's travellers. Having bought two "Palacios", large listed buildings set around large courtyards, LTP is in the process of providing two boutique hotels which should be ready by 2022. LTP as always has commissioned the most appropriate design team, using local listed building specialist Yedra Architects.

Aside from the soon to come hotels, LTP has rebuilt 4 other properties for tourist rental. In doing so it was able to understand local planning and construction and find the best local craftsmen to restore it's larger projects. The photos show the completed properties so far.

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