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At LPT we had the privilege of sharing our studio with the accomplished architectural practice CSA (Clive Sall Architecture). The years we spent co working as developer, project manager and architectural practice of circa 30 architects, gave LPT invaluable synergy, understanding and input into all aspects of designing our schemes.

Since branching off to our own studios, we have continued to outsource CSA but also benefit from having the flexibility to use specialist award winning architects such Lydon Goode for delicate projects such Wycliffe House a Grade 2 listed church conversion. Simon Goode was the lead architect for the £550m refurbishment and extension of Kings Cross Station.

Regardless of our in house architectural talent, we look to procure the best architects possible to support our development vision in any given location to create something truly unique and sensitive to it's locality. As a consequence our vision looks to maximise all the possible design potential from a project.

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