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LPT is a property development company founded by Lawrence Patterson in 2013 as Patterson Homes and has since been rebranded. It forms a  group of businesses tailored specifically to each development, ensuring each project is managed by the right professional team, in the right way and to achieve the best possible product. Our first property development was 20 years ago and we have since grown into a highly efficient bespoke property development company, having successfully developed circa 30 developments.

LPT's passion and predominant focus is on the recycling of existing buildings, often disregarded by others for their appearance or complexity. In London this included taking vacant 60s office blocks and converting them into contemporary high end flats. Our focus is also driven on conservation and a passion for vacant listed buildings. In Ilford London, a Grade 2 listed former church was craftily converted into 19 stunning apartments. In Forest Gate London, LPT achieved planning for 16 residential apartments in a locally listed school which had been vacant for 13 years. We have successfully undertaken 7 listed conservation projects to date.


As the selection of developments in the portfolio shows, whether undertaking a small underpinning and refurbishing disused vaults in a Notting Hill property to form a truly unique bathroom and kitchen or intersecting intricate listed details to subdivide large listed properties, LPT has always carries out it's design work with understanding, refinement and respect for a building's fabric. LPT has never failed to get the planning on a site regardless of the complexity, often being commended by the local authorities, conservation officers, Historic England and "Cultura" (the equivalent to Historic England in Spain). 

Since expanding it's practice, LPT has drawn on the most suitable architectural practices, designers and professional teams for any given type of development. Through it's experience LPT is able to form the most suitable team in any given location. In recent years it has expanded into reforming listed buildings in the ancient Unesco world heritage Moorish old town of Granada, the Albaicin. Here LPT has focused on delivering two boutique hotel projects as well as tourist apartments. In the UK LPT is redeveloping Hereford's town centre Woolworths into contemporary student accommodation and teaching facilities for NMITE, UK's first purpose built University in 40 years. LPT regards it's attention to detail and ability to deliver on it's projects as it's most valued strengths. Regardless of offers from high profile Investors to expand more and do more or larger projects, LPT only undertakes projects it is passionate about and believes in. Rather than seeking commercial accolades, LPT seeks to always ensure it has the right capacity, the right attention and the right focused team to develop and achieve it's vision for any given building. This ethos ensures a creative atmosphere is always upheld in it's workplace and projects are never stretched in their resourcing.

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